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Moving Still Architecture was established in 2020, and is led by experienced architect Jamie Brown.

Since graduating from the University of Dundee in 2003 with First Class Honours, he's worked with, and learned from, great architectural practices (in London and Scotland) throughout his career, on a wonderful variety of award-winnings projects. These experiences are continually referred to in the work we’re doing with Moving Still Architecture. 


We are currently working on a number of exciting and interesting projects, at all different stages of the design and construction process. These range from small interventions, extensions, conversions of existing buildings, and new-build houses.


The work we’re doing with Moving Still Architecture is driven by a profound desire to provide an excellent, professional, cost-effective service to our clients; and to create great buildings which have a positive impact on the lives of the people who use them. We are sincerely grateful to the clients who have placed their trust in us, and we’re really enjoying working with them.

While there is variety and depth in the projects we've undertaken, we approach every project with exactly the same level of diligence, commitment, and creative exploration.


Jamie Brown

Jamie is very fortunate to have worked with, and learned from, create architectural practices (in London and Scotland) on a wonderful variety of award-winning projects. As well as practicing architecture, Jamie enjoys teaching architecture part-time and has been doing this at the University of Dundee since 2007.

Architectural Assistant 

Kuba Duda

Kuba recently completed his third year at Uni and won the Aim Design Dundee Award for the Best Interior Design by a Year 3 Student. Kuba is now currently working towards completing his Year 4 at the University of Dundee.

Architectural Assistant

Maya Barnes

Maya is on her 'Year out' having completed Year 3 in the Architectue School at Dundee Last Year. She won the Allan-Bryce Award for Best Student in Year 3, and was nominated by the University for the Architects Journal Student Awards as well as the RIBA Presidents Medal.

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